Terms of Use

Last Updated March 18, 2015

Every once in a while we are probably going to have to update these terms and conditions. When we update them, we will post the new terms here, and put the date of the last change at the top, or we'll send you an email.

If you keep using our sites, apps, and services after we change the terms, you are implicitly agreeing to the new terms. If you don't agree with the new terms, you can stop using our sites, apps, and services.

To use some site and service features, you'll need to register and create an account. You'll need an account to post comments on Wordnik.com, or to use the Reverb Application or Reverb for Publishers, for example.

In order to set up an account for you, we'll need some information, including a username and password. You agree to give us accurate information when setting up your account, and if you don't, we can close your account. (For instance, if you give us a fake email address and it bounces, we can close your account, even if your username and password are fine.)

You agree to keep your password secret. (It's a good idea.) If someone else uses your account, you're responsible for what they do, whether or not you gave them permission. If you find that someone is using your account without your permission, you agree to tell us right away.

We couldn't figure out a way to make that clearer.

We might run ads on our sites, in our apps, or via our services. If you click on any ads, or start any relationships with any advertisers, we are not responsible for (and we don't guarantee) their behavior. For instance, if you buy a giant inflatable hedgehog from an ad on one of our sites, and it doesn't inflate all the way (and therefore ruins your birthday party!) we are not to blame. If you sue Giant Inflatable Hedgehog, Inc., you agree not to name us in the suit.

If you connect to our Reverb app with Facebook or Twitter, you are agreeing that we can show you content shared with you through Facebook or Twitter, subject of course to their terms of use or service. We are not responsible for any charges your mobile carrier may bill you for while using our apps and services.

We also can't guarantee that even if you connect an account, data from that account will be available to you through our apps and services. We also can't guarantee that you won't see offensive, upsetting, disturbing, or just plain stupid content, and we reserve the right to block or remove that content (or any content) from being available through our apps or services at any time.

Content being available through our apps or services does not magically make the rights of the copyright holders not apply.

If you use our services for content recommendations, you will have some options in how those recommendations are displayed (for instance, by setting preferences).

We spent a lot of time coming up with the services we offer and with the names Reverb and Wordnik (and we trademarked it!). So please don't steal our stuff, use our name to refer to things that we haven't made, or change our sites, apps, and services to remove or hide our name or other ownership markers.

As long as you behave nicely, you can use our sites, apps, and services. You don't have the right to resell our sites, apps, and services, or to misuse them. Using our sites, apps, and services does not give you any rights of ownership in them.

Also, you may not use our sites, apps, and services to design missiles, or chemical, nuclear, or biological weapons.

You can add content to our sites, apps, and services, but please do so only if you have the rights to do so.

By adding content or using services of ours that share content (such as Reverb for Publishers), you agree to let us share that content in our sites, apps, and services.

We do not claim any copyright in your content.

Agreeing to let us use your content in this way makes it possible for us to show your comments on Wordnik.com, lead people to your blog posts via Reverb for Publishers, and so on.

You give us permission to show your content (for example your word lists on Wordnik.com, or part of your blog post via Reverb for Publishers), but we don't own your content.

You own your content, and none of your rights in your content (to publish, sell, transfer, etc.) are restricted by this agreement.

Again, please don't upload things you don't have the right to upload. If you contribute something, we're going to assume that you have the necessary rights.

Don't add malicious stuff!

There are lots of ways to reach us, including via email at support@helloreverb.com. If you send us feedback via any method (email, Twitter, use of support tools such as Get Satisfaction, smoke signals), we then have the right to use that information for any reasonable purpose, such as testimonials, improving our service, and so on.

Here's a whole list of things you should not do:

Simply, don't be a jerk. Don't upload content that doesn't belong to you, that is offensive or harassing, goads people into illegal behavior, or is otherwise unhelpful.

Don't use our stuff to violate other people's copyright.

We comply with the DMCA.

Our sites, services, and apps don't come with a warranty.

We cannot guarantee that our sites, apps, or services will always be available, nor can we guarantee that they will be perfect.

No matter what, we can't guarantee this. Not even if one of our employees or other representatives says "It's wonderful!"

If you have questions, please email us!