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We help people make better connections through our understanding of language.

At Reverb, we're devoted to bringing more meaningful experiences to readers everywhere. We make tools for content understanding at every level from the single word on up. We're committed to great user experiences, data-driven products, open source technologies, and friendliness.


The biggest dictionary in the world, and the most fun, too.

Get a full view of any word you’re interested in, with definitions, example sentences, related words, tweets from Twitter, pictures from Flickr, and much more. Wordniks can make lists, add comments, and record pronunciations ... and check out any word’s Scrabble score, too.

Reverb for Publishers

Increase readers’ exposure to site content and boost traffic.

Reverb has launched the Reverb iPad App, a completely new way for people to discover what’s happening in the areas that matter to them and the news behind their favorite topics. For publishers, the Reverb App now provides a mobile distribution channel for great content. This means reaching more, involved readers further expanding the potential audience reach for publishers.

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Reverb for Developers

Wordnik API

At Reverb, software is in our roots.

Reverb is committed to the open-source community and is proudly contributing infrastructure software to power applications and enterprises both small and gigantic.


Scalatra is one of a new breed of simple, accessible, micro web frameworks like Sinatra and Express.js. It combines the power of the JVM with the beauty and brevity of Scala, allowing you to build high-performance, asynchronous and realtime web APIs.
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Product Manager

Are you interested in building products that can change the way consumers and publishers discover information on the internet? Do you have a passion for web applications and the rising tide of mobile? Reverb’s Product Team is seeking the best and the brightest to build a host of delightful new products!