Machine Learning Expert

At Reverb, we work with text — lots of text. We use empirical and rigorous methods to build state-of-the-art recommendation systems and a generic platform that can be used across domains. We employ machine learning, statistics, and natural language processing methods to handle text and its inherent semantics. We use real-time machine learning to respond instantly to user selections and preferences. We work with methods and systems across learning paradigms. We are a coding shop; we focus on creating practical solutions; but we also have an emphasis on advanced, cutting-edge methods and research.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • provide leadership on machine learning and statistical techniques
  • build machine learning models for text ranking and concept extraction
  • build models that combine content, social, and personalization feature sets
  • develop similarity-detection and search methods for documents
  • define and evaluate user behavior analytics
  • contribute solutions for topic modeling and auto-summarization
  • auto-summarization
  • build well-engineered systems at scale

Desired Skills & Experience

  • machine learning — you are more than a ‘user’ of machine learning libraries. You can understand and articulate a variety of ML approaches
  • software engineering, especially in working with large data
  • strong knowledge of statistics, information theory, and probability theory
  • at least a basic understanding of natural language processing and/or computational linguistics

You'll Do Even Better With

  • experience and good understanding of object oriented programming, especially Java and Scala or Clojure
  • experience with python
  • a proven track record in building open-source ML systems

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